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     Welcome Packs are a good idea as many of the Bodrum flights are late at night and this is a good start for you or your guests stay as it means they can have a good breakfast in the morning. A pack of essential items will be waiting for you or your guests upon arrival in the Bodrum Peninsula.
You can of course customise these packs to your own individual requirements or for a special occasion.

This has everything you need to get started on your arrival and give you a good breakfast.
BreadMilk (1 litre)
Butter or margarineWater (still) - 2 x 1.5 litres
JamTea bags
Orange Juice (1 litre)Toilet Paper

This means that you give yourself an extra couple of days to settle and enjoy the sunshine before you need to think about the supermarket and can ensure you order all your favourites to be waiting for you on arrival!

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