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     What is a snagging list?

     Many of you have realised the delights Turkey has to offer and are now getting close to the completion of your new apartment or villa. We hope your developer has completed on schedule as you are no doubt ready to make full use of your property… however wouldn’t it be useful to make sure that everything was perfect for your arrival, allowing you to move in straight away and have a stress free holiday?? Wouldn’t it be less stressful for someone else to determine & follow up the minor problems for you?

     A ‘snagging list’ is the list of things that you are not happy with when your property is completed. The service we are offering you is to visit your property and personally make a list of the items that have not been completed, that do not perhaps look right or do not adhere to your technical specification. This involves taking pictures of the issues/problems in question and preparing a detailed report or ‘snagging list’ which is emailed to yourself and at the same time provided to your builder/developer/project manager to rectify the noted problems and ensure that these are all put right. We agree a snagging completion timescale with your builder, usually 7-14 days and then make a second inspection to ensure this is completed. Once these have all been completed to our satisfaction we will report back to you and accept the property on your behalf.

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