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Mark & Anne Foxall - 2007-07-11
Country: North littleton, Worcestershire, UK

".........Smile have been great. Seriously good advice and professional, friendly support. What has continued to impress has been the willingness to help, long after any payment has been made. There is a genuine helpful approach.  Many thanks.


Best of luck in the future, see you this summer

Dave Kendall - 2007-07-11

After some very frustrating experiences with other companies and individuals in Turkey, I have been very happy with the service and professionalism offered by Smile. Hakan, Sally, Karen and the rest of the team are trustworthy, efficient and just plain good at what they do!

Carolyn Doyle - 2007-07-11
Country: Saudi Arabia
Hi Hakan, Sally, Karen, and everyone else at the office!

I just wanted to write a very quick note to say thank you to all of you for everything.  Since we have been working with you we feel so much more relaxed about the house as we know that it is in good hands and well looked after.  Anything we ever need help with, you guys sort out for us very quickly and efficiently and make life very simple for us.
Kristy mollica - 2008-01-30
Email: kristy.m@rapidbroadcast.co.uk
Country: england

I just wanted to let you know the series that your information helped me with is called ‘Profit from Property’ and it is now airing on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday on SKY 287 Overseas Property TV (OPTV). Your company was mentioned in one of the episodes that was on Turkey. .

Warm regards


Kristy Mollica

Grant Shanley - 0000-00-00
Country: Canada
THANK YOU Sinan for all your help with everything. It is a real pleasure working with you and the rest of the people at Smile. Our life here is so simple now and we feel so lucky to have you guys around. Thanks for making our turkish life so easy. Please give my best to everyone - All the best
Colin Rowley - 0000-00-00
Country: England
Hi Karen,
Thanks for the snagging list report, it looks like a very thorough job, well done to all at Smile.  have just been coresponding with another couple, Ros & Peter, and they are interested in some of your services,
Dave and Shirley Walker - 2007-07-11
Country: Scotland

Knowing that our Turkish property is being looked after in our abscence gives us great peace of mind and we owe that to Hakan and his team at Smile Property Management.
They have helped us to furnish our property and provide an excellent service at all times, nothing is too much trouble.  We cannot recommend them highly enough and find them honest, conscientious and reliable. 
Fantastic service and with a smile always.

Robert & Martha Patrick - 2007-07-11
Country: Egypt

We are also great fans of Hakan's Smile Bodrum property management service and have found him consistently friendly, honest, conscientious, and reliable. Because we live in Egypt and can come to Turkey only four or five times a year, we depend on Hakan to keep up with the condition of our house and to keep us informed about and supported in dealing with any issues that arise. Everyone there is a pleasure to deal with.

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